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Top 10 Reasons to Use a Dealership for Your Automotive Service & Repairs

1 - Factory Training: Dealerships have factory trained technicians. On average, these technicians receive more than 100 hours of specialized training each year.

2 - Equipment: Dealerships invest tens of thousands of dollars each year in the purchase and maintenance of specially designed tools and diagnostic equipment in order to work on your brand vehicle.

3 - Parts: Dealerships use only factory original parts made specifically for your vehicle. Many parts offer a lifetime warranty for both parts and labor.

4 - Warranty: Dealership service offers a nationwide warranty that can be honored at any GM dealership. Your service department also works closely with a GM representative. This relationship allows your service department to work with you on a personal level, as an individual. This eliminates the need to hide behind big words and fancy documents and affords them the ability to make decisions that are not spelled out- but are in alignment with GM's vision of complete customer satisfaction.

5 - Factory Support: Dealerships have access to GM technical assistance where the technician and a mechanical engineer who specializes in one specific model of car work collaboratively to trouble shoot unusual or difficult situations with your car. These same professionals are also committed to compiling and tracking data for timely publications of known issues.

6 - Service and Repair Documentation: Dealerships across the country share a data base that allows them to track service and repairs done to your vehicle at a dealership. This is a free service provided to our customers to assist in identification of upcoming scheduled maintenance that assure your vehicle warranty remains valid, notification of bulletins or recalls associated with your vehicle, or on occasion, to support a warranty claim that is of questionable nature because of the vehicle mileage, expired warranty, or inadequate record keeping to support the claim.

7 - Pricing/Value: Dealerships offer only the highest quality of service and repair at an extremely competitive rate. They also offer the convenience of "one stop shopping" with the sale of rims and tires, window tinting, pin striping, DVD installation, paint and fabric protection, and just about anything else you can think of. Your service department is here to serve you!!

8 - Longevity and Reputation: Dealerships are established businesses within their community, often times family owned and operated and handed down from generation to generation. They recognize and value their customers and strive to build long lasting relationships by providing excellent customer service and honest workmanship at a fair price.

9 - Comfortable Waiting Areas: Dealerships offer a comfortable waiting area designed with you, the customer in mind.

10 - Convenience: Dealerships offer extended hours of business to meet the customer's busy life. They offer before and after hour's pick-up and delivery service, a courtesy shuttle, and in many situations, free loaner cars.

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