Can I Trade in a Car with Problems in Austin, Texas?

Trade in your car in Austin Even With Problems

Are you wondering if you can trade in a car with problems in Austin? Trading in a used vehicle for a new or upgraded one is a common practice in a Lone Star State. Many Texans use this option as a down payment for their new car and improve their interest rates on car loans. Others simply use it to offload their old vehicle and upgrade to a newer one. If you’re considering selling an accidental or faulty car, dealerships like Covert Buick GMC can take it off your hands at a fair price.

So, if you’re wondering, “Can I trade in a car with problems in Austin, Texas”, the answer is yes. Read on to learn how it works and what you have to do.

How It Works

When it comes to trading in a car with problems in Austin, it’s all about getting the closest value to the car’s approximate worth without being too greedy. You can use different online tools, explore used car websites, or calculate the depreciation value based on make, model, mileage, and overall condition. When you trade in your car, the dealership subtracts its value from the new car’s price or uses it as the down payment for car financing if you don’t intend to pay the remaining amount in cash.

  • Driver’s license
  • The vehicle’s full set of keys and manuals
  • Proof of insurance and loan information
  • Service records

These documents and essentials can add to your car’s value and makes it more appealing to other potential buyers. New keys for modern luxury cars can cost over a thousand dollars. Moreover, previous service records show that the car was in good hands in terms of regular oil changes and maintenance, even though its current condition isn’t the best. Your car’s overall condition will determine its fair price.

Preparing Your Old Car for a Trade In Austin

There are things you can do to prepare your old car for a trade in Austin. The math is simple – the better the condition your used car is in, the higher its trade-in value. Renowned dealerships understand that no used car is 100% and will have some problems due to wear and tear on Texas roads. However, there are things you can do to prepare your old car for a trade-in to improve its value, such as:

Cosmetic Fixes

In most cases, there’s no point in investing in significant professional repairs and maintenance. You’d fare much better getting rid of your vehicle as-is with minor cosmetic fixes, such as dents, scratches, torn seats, and faulty wiring, etc. You should make an effort to fix minor imperfections if you can.

Deep Cleaning

Would you want to buy a dirty old car? No. The least you can do is make sure it’s presentable. You can do this by washing it yourself or having it professionally cleaned (recommended). You can also use different wax products to improve the shine so the paint job doesn’t look dull. You should also clean the infotainment system and dashboard. Leather and other fabrics easily retain stains and odors so you should opt for a professional seat and carpet cleaning service if you intend to increase its Austin trade-in value.

Top Off The Fluids

Dealership technicians usually start by checking vital automotive fluids, such as engine oil, brake oil, transmission fluids, and coolant during the inspection. Low fluid levels indicate that there are problems with the vehicle or that it has been poorly maintained. By maintaining your car regularly, you can bring its value up. Topping off the fluids doesn’t require professional intervention, and doing so before heading to a dealership can get you a better value even if your car has problems.

Clean Or Replace The Headlights & Windshield Wipers

In Austin, two inexpensive parts of your trade-in are subjected to more wear and tear than some others. Old cars usually have foggy headlights that can be cleaned easily using toothpaste and a brush/rug to give your car a fresh new look. You can also take this opportunity to replace faulty or dim bulbs. However, make sure you wash it thoroughly with water; otherwise, you’ll only make things worse. Austinites are no stranger to hail storms, which usually leave them with cracked windshield wipers, especially in older models. Windshield wipers are inexpensive, and you can install them yourself and improve the car’s value.

Ready To Trade In Your Car With Problems In Austin?

At Covert Buick GMC, we understand that just like every mechanical and electrical machinery, vehicles aren’t immune to problems. Our team of certified technicians can assess the damages to your vehicle and offer a great price for it. You can even use the trade-in as a downpayment on any new or used car in our inventory. So, bring your car to us anytime and let us have a look or contact us for more information.