Derrick Johnson’s Defend The Dream Foundation

Covert Buick GMC and Covert Cadillac are proud to announce their support for Derrick Johnson’s Defend the Dream Foundation in Austin, Texas.  

Established in 2012 by Derrick Johnson, a former linebacker for the University of Texas and later the Kansas City Chiefs, the Defend the Dream Foundation strives to provide low-income and inner-city youth with educational opportunities and resources to reach their full potential. 

The Foundation is currently raising funds for its life-changing literacy effort entitled the “DJ’s Discovery Dens” program.  Each “DJ’s Discovery Den” works to remodel a portion of an underserved school library, transforming it into a safe, comfortable, and colorful space for children to study and improve their reading skills.  

Stocked with tons of new books the school otherwise could not have afforded, a “DJ’s Discovery Den” is an academic haven during a time when literacy funding for elementary schools continues to be cut in Texas. And in impoverished neighborhoods a school library is often a child’s only access to books in or outside of their home.  

Covert Buick GMC and Covert Cadillac will be donating a portion of the proceeds from each vehicle sold in February to build a new “DJ’s Discovery Den” for Oak Springs Elementary in East Austin, with a final fundraising goal of $10,000. If you’ve been considering purchasing a new or preowned vehicle, please consider doing so before March 1st to help us meet our fundraising goals. 

Not quite ready to purchase, you can still donate directly to the Defend the Dream Foundation via the button below.  

Join Covert Buick GMC and Cadillac to make sure every child in Austin has access to books and the opportunity to read. 


If a student is not reading at grade level by the 5th grade, there’s only a 50% chance they will graduate from high school.  We must improve literacy scores in Austin schools, and I will do everything I can to help that.”

— Derrick Johnson, Defend the Dream Foundation