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Austin Buick Auto Service


With a rich motorsports history, Buick vehicles have been proving themselves on race tracks since 1908. Not only has the brand won two NASCAR Manufacturer Championships but has also served as the Official Pace Car of the Indianapolis 500 six times. If you’re among the lucky individuals who own a Buick, be sure to schedule regular maintenance and servicing, so that it keeps running at optimal performance.

Read on to understand the importance of seeking professional Buick auto service in Austin.

Why Professional Buick Auto Service Is Important

Like all vehicles, your Buick needs to be properly maintained on a regular basis. It is important to have that maintenance done by professionals who are experienced with Buick models and experts with the brand. Getting your Buick auto service done by professionals in Austin could save you money and will ensure your vehicle is in the very best hands. When your service technician is familiar with your make and model, they can catch issues that may be overlooked by less experienced auto service techs.

As a certified Buick auto service in Austin, we service 100’s of Buicks every year. Some of the common Buick maintenance we encounter daily are listed below.


Since they are the sole point of contact with the road surface, tires are the key ingredients to safety. They need to be serviced at various levels. Proper inflation and efficiency of your Buick tires can go as far as to increase your fuel mileage. Properly inflated and balanced tires, along with aligned suspension, collectively increase economic efficiency and extend the life of your tires.

Wheel Alignment

Proper wheel alignment for your Buick is not just crucial for safe driving but it also extends the life of your tires, saving you tons of money on premature tire replacement. Uneven tire wear is among the most common issues drivers face, for which incorrect wheel alignment is one of the main causes. With misaligned wheels, you may also feel that your Buick pulls to one side, indicating poor handling. In many cases, the driver experiences steering issues and loses control of the vehicle.

A correct alignment will not only improve your driving experience but also ensure utmost safety.


Inspecting your Buick’s brakes and addressing any braking issues are among the most important steps you can take to ensure the safety of you and other drivers on the road. Without properly functioning brakes, your Buick won’t stop in time, increasing the chances of minor to major accidents. Regular brake inspection and servicing in Austin ensure that your braking system remains highly responsive as you press the brake pedal.


The engine of your Buick is certainly the most critical mechanical component of your vehicle, which ensures that the gasoline is correctly pumping and turning into mechanical energy. Without this process, your Buick won’t go into motion. Routinely inspecting the various components and systems that build your car engine eliminates any dirt buildup and old oil. It also helps repair minor damages that keep occurring to the engine. If you fail to provide your Austin Buick engine with regular servicing, it will likely die prematurely.


Not only does your Buick battery convert the chemical energy into electrical energy that powers your car by delivering voltage to its starter, but it also provides the zap of electricity required to put all its electrical components to work. Plus, it also stabilizes the energy supply to keep the engine running.

But sometimes, you don’t realize that your Buick needs battery replacement until it’s too late, that is when the vehicle refuses to start. This happens when you stay oblivious of the cracks and damage it experiences over time. That’s why it’s critical to routinely inspect your battery. Austin auto service professionals will detect and fix the damages and cracks before they exacerbate into full battery leaks, saving you a lot of money in more costly repairs. They will also inform you about how much life your battery has so that you can get it replaced on time.

This becomes even more important before you set out on longer trips so that you’re not left stranded on a deserted area or highway.

Get Professional Buick Auto Service In Austin Today

By now, you should have understood not only the critical importance of vehicle servicing but also which areas to focus on when considering Buick auto service in Austin. It will prolong the life of your Buick, as well as help you make the most of it for your lifestyle. An experienced Buick auto service professional will render a comprehensive maintenance schedule to ensure your vehicle remains at peak performance.

At Covert Buick GMC we offer vehicle maintenance services that are quick, professional, and light on the pocket. We use the latest tools for diagnosis and the most genuine and high-quality products for servicing.

If you wish to keep your Buick vehicle in top condition, then maintenance and servicing are important. Be sure to check our service specials and schedule your professional Austin Buick auto service today.