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In an era where tech is on the rise, the Buick Encore GX is undoubtedly a fun, feature-packed ride that will turn heads. Buick’s compact SUV has several abilities that make it almost something of a marvel to experience.

The Encore GX has been designed to make sure it looks the best when on the road and gives the rider a sense of luxury that you wouldn’t expect. The delicate and precise maneuvers put you in control while providing comfort like no other.

Of course, with the rising of tech, this car has essential features necessary in a vehicle of the present, such as driving assistance and a screen for entertainment purposes. So let’s dive in.

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Austin Buick Encore GX Best Price Lowest Payment

Buick Encore GX

Take Aways

New Austin Buick Encore GX Take Aways

Below are a few quick highlights of the Buick Encore GX. Call Us at (512) 371-6075 with any questions.

Starting MSRP: $24,200
Gas Mileage: 30 City / 32 HWY
Trim Levels Preferred, Select, Essence
Rating: 4.6 / 5
Seating: Seats Up To 5
Cargo Volume 25.5 ft3, 50.2 ft3 with seat area

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2021 Buick Encore GX – What’s New?

After undergoing various tests and experiments, the experts have given new Buick’s Encore GX a killer rating, and this is no surprise. The Austin Encore GX offers some of the best features at a very affordable price. The Buick encore GX is the newer version of Buick’s previous model, the Buick Encore, which had come out back in 2013. The Austin Buick Encore makes this car better and more spacious than the previous model, but Buick sells both models this year in 2021. The older version has a more compact SUV design, and the GX version is far more spacious and has a sleek design.

Buick encore GX is the best sort of the models because of its features and modern technology. It has an updated and modern interior design that you can show off to friends or family. The reason our Austin customers are happy with the interior design of this car because every time they enter the vehicle, they never get bored with the attractive features and space. The comfortable seats and the color combination all bring out the best in this SUV.

The car provides its driver with many advanced safety mechanisms. You don’t have to worry about getting yourself in an accident. However, that does not mean that you drive carelessly; please do remain vigilant at all times.

Starting MSRP:


How Much Does The New Buick Encore GX Cost?

The 2021 Buick Ecore GX starts with an MSRP of $24,200 and increases depending on the trim level and additions chosen. There are currently 3 trim levels to choose from: Preferred, Select and Essence. Schedule a test drive today or give us a call with any questions that you may have.

Tech, Safety & Features

Covert Buick GMC - Buick Encore GX Tech and Safety

Specifications of any car are essential to the driver because they are in a constant race to have the best vehicle features than other vehicles. The specifications of the Buick Encore GX are no exception. Here are a few points as to why this car has one of the best specifications out there:

Alloy rim wheels in the Buick encore GX are not only stylish and represent a class of their own, but also they are very resistant against rust and dirt. The paint doesn’t come off quickly, and not just that; they make the car look and feel more aesthetically pleasing. The price is high for this car, and it’s no surprise you see all these fantastic features.

Heated mirrors are a fantastic piece of tech simply because if your car is fogged up, you won’t have to worry about cleaning it again and again. Buick Encore GX understands your concerns and will make sure that your journey is as safe and sound as possible. Keyless entry means you won’t have to trouble yourself to push the key in the lock to enter your car because that was a thing of the past. You can enter your vehicle with style and luxury, thus giving you a higher standard experience.

Packing a massive turbocharged 1.3-liter engine gives this SUV and power full and robust push whenever required. It has a fantastic fuel-efficient engine that makes sure that not a single drop of gas gets wasted. If you are all about fuel savings, then the Buick Encore GX can travel an impressive 100 miles in just 3.6 gallons of gas!! Its fuel-efficient feature helps you squeeze out that extra few miles you may need in case of a dire situation.

The GX has received the highest fuel to economy ratings from the EPA. If driven under the forward wheel drive, the car’s larger motor is said to go up to 32 mpg on highways, while the smaller 1.2-liter engine will give a mileage of about 30mpg. However, the 1.3-liter engine that is turbocharged when it goes to the all-wheel drive and nine-speed automatic systems will drop its initial figure to 29 mpg. These are impressive figures, even for modern SUVs.

Here at Covert Buick GMC, we are excited about getting you into a brand new Buick Encore GX. Browse through our selection of 2021 Austin Buick Encore GXs for Sale, Schedule a test drive, or give us a call today 512-371-6075 if you have any questions at all. Our friendly staff will serve you to their utmost ability.