Timely Car Oil Change in Austin Saves Money

January 7th, 2022 by

Austin Regular Oil Change


Regular Austin Oil Changes Make A Big Difference

Getting a timely oil change in Austin is one of the most important aspects of car care. Made of thousands of different moving components, your vehicle’s engine is a complex piece of machinery. Therefore, oil is essential in keeping it lubricated and free from friction at all times, preventing vehicle wear and tear. The oil in your vehicle’s engine is bound to become dirty over time, which, if not dealt with in time, can result in causing costly vehicle damages down the road.

7 Ways A Timely Oil Change In Austin Saves You Money

Here are seven reasons why oil change in Austin is essential.

  1. Protects Against Corrosion – Your vehicle’s engine is extremely vulnerable to corrosion from natural elements. A timely oil change provides a natural protective coating, keeping it safe from corrosive air particles, dirt, debris, and moisture. Basically, what happens is that, over time, the old engine oil can break down and become contaminated with unburnt fuel from the engine, moisture, and carbon compounds. Therefore, if you want to protect your engine from corrosion and save yourself from paying for costly repairs, get regular oil changes from Austin auto service professionals.
  2. Cools Engine Components – Both the combustion process and friction from within your engine generate a great amount of heat, which can damage the delicate engine components if not catered to in time. Getting a scheduled oil change in Austin helps prevent excessive heating of your vehicle’s engine components by transferring heat away from the vulnerable parts and reducing friction. Therefore, in order to ensure that the risk of engine overheating is greatly mitigated, make sure that the engine oil is clean and healthy.
  3. Prevents Wear and Tear – As stated earlier, your vehicle’s engine comprises several different components that often rub and move against each other at high speeds. Therefore, without a purposeful lubricant, this can generate a lot of friction, causing even the most essential engine parts to wear and tear quickly. Not only this, but old engine oil can lose its viscosity and degrade over time, resulting in losing its ability to keep the components lubricated and reduce friction.

    Additionally, driving at the wrong oil level can be hazardous to the engine’s health as the more you drive your vehicle, the more the engine oil gets burned away, which means that more sludge is produced. Therefore, the only way out is by referring to your vehicle’s owner’s manual and making sure that it gets all the scheduled oil changes in Austin on time.

  4. Extends Engine Lifespan and Improves Mileage – Grime and sludge within the engine can force it to work twice as hard to produce power, resulting in increased fuel consumption. Proper lubrication will reduce the engine’s stress, ensuring improved fuel consumption and longer engine life. Since you will be spending less on fuel, a routine oil change in Austin translates to great savings.
  5. Keeps the Engine Free of Dirt and Debris – Continuous movement of engine components results in creating friction and debris of metal shavings being collected. These small metal parts or shavings without getting a timely oil change in Austin can remain stuck inside the engine parts and cause further damage.

    Engine oil will not only help in getting rid of the metal shavings from vital engine parts but will also remove the dirt, dust, and debris that might be laying within the engine or the oil filter, keeping the engine clean and ensuring its peak performance.

  6. Increases Resale Value – You are likely to benefit from a higher resale value if you have maintained and followed your oil change in Austin schedule to the tee. In other words, a well-recorded history of timely oil changes shows that you have taken excellent care of your vehicle’s engine, protecting it from experiencing any wear and tear.
  7. Reduces The Chance Of Costly Repairs – A timely oil change ensures that less strain is put on the engine, guaranteeing less wear and tear of all essential engine components- big or small. Throughout automotive history, negligence of a vehicle’s oil schedule is one of the most frequent reasons for major engine damage.

    Overall, a regular oil change in Austin is an inexpensive process that will take less than 20 minutes to perform. Therefore, getting a scheduled oil change is an inexpensive alternative to the costly repairs that an improperly oiled engine could require.

Schedule Your Austin Oil Change With Our Auto Service Experts

The engine is one of the most expensive and important parts of your car. One of the easiest ways to maintain and protect the engine’s health and extend its life is by performing timely oil changes in Austin. Ideally, it is recommended that you check the quality and level of your engine’s oil every week and get the oil filter changed every 3000-6000 miles or a few months, whichever comes first. Of course, DIY-ing an oil change is not recommended. Therefore, the safest and most efficient way to keep your vehicle in great condition is by bringing it for an oil change in Austin.

At Covert Buick GMC we offer vehicle maintenance services that are quick, professional, and light on the pocket. We use the latest tools for diagnosis and the most genuine and high-quality products for servicing.

If you want to keep your car running at peak condition, then maintenance and servicing are important. Be sure to check our service specials and schedule your professional Austin oil change today.